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Classic slot machines (slots): overview

Classic slot machines , despite their conservatism, have a wide audience of users. What are the features of the mechanisms of operation of such games, we decided to figure it out on the example of products from three manufacturers.

Classic slot slots: a product from Playson

In August 2018, the developer company presented its variation on the theme of “slot machines: classic” by the user, it was a product called Super Burning Wins.

The mechanics of the game are not quite standard – in front of the user is a field, the symbols of which are located in a 3 × 3 scheme. Each of the reels, placed in three rows, has three pictures. The studio’s website states that players have five paylines at their disposal. But Playson’s RTP indicator on the official platform did not indicate what could be a significant disadvantage when gambling operators and players choose content. Open sources indicate that it is 96.25%. For this class of machines it is not the highest, but it cannot be classified as low either.

Classic slot machines: solution from Betsoft

The slot Mr. Vegas. Interestingly, the developer company decided to move users to Las Vegas. Compared to the first simulator, Betsoft’s development is more interactive: instead of a restrained monochromatic background, a picture in front of the user creates an atmosphere of presence in the capital of world excitement. The main character in the game is Mr. Vegas.

The mechanics of the slot are represented by five functional reels arranged in three rows. The developer’s website states that the game assumes the presence of 30 pay lines.

A distinctive feature of the developer is that before the game reels are launched, users will be presented with a presentation video. Together with high-quality 3D graphics, this is a feature of this product from Betsoft.

The only thing that makes the slot stand out disadvantageously compared to the rest of the products reviewed in the review is the RTP, which is 93.6%.

Classic slots: Novomatic collection

The Novomatic studio also has classic-themed slots in its catalog, today we will consider one of them – Ultra Hot: Deluxe.

The slot is very similar in mechanics to the development of Super Burning Wins. The symbols presented on the reels of slot machines are also similar. There are nine pictures in front of the user, three coils in three rows. The number of paylines – just like in the Playson development – is five.

The RTP on the developer’s website is not indicated, but open sources claim that it is equal to 95.17%.

At the same time, the symbolism is remarkable exclusively for the presence of stars, which, as a rule, are rarely used with such a theme. The rest of the symbols correspond to the fruit theme.

The control panel is simplified as much as possible, which allows even beginners to quickly figure it out.

Super burning wins96.25%five3 × 3
Mr. Vegas93.6%thirty5 × 3
Ultra Hot: Deluxe95.17%five3 × 3

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