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Multi wheel roulette free specialty

Among all casino games that involve are chance, multiple wheel roulette is probably one of the most exciting ones. It is generally based on the fact that traditional roulette rules are applied but just as any multi wheel roulette review says, there are several wheels in the game. It means that the player can pick up as many wheels as wanted and make several bets at the same time if it is needed. Multi wheel roulette free practice at Gold casino can represent perfectly how it works.

Multi wheel roulette free games 3D overview

People can play the game of multi wheel roulette free and perfect their skills in a big way. 3D wheels are presented perfectly as the player can look at it from an angle, so the view is much better. All numbers are presented either in red or black with only one green sector for zero. It also features the following:

  1. All general rules are borrowed from European roulette;
  2. The game features the only one green zero sector;
  3. In 3D multi-wheel roulette there are more than one wheel and could be as many as six wheels span simultaneously;
  4. In 3D gold casino roulette there are eight wheels available;
  5. Wheels are located above and presented sideways, so it is more visible and offers greater impressions.

3D game of multi wheel roulette free looks better than any traditional one and therefore adds plenty of excitement. It also allows to win more frequently and manage strategies more effectively.

Basic strategy and essence of Gold casino game

When it comes to multi wheel roulette strategy, it has to be pointed out that the chances of winning here are much higher. This is due to the fact that the player can make as many bets as wanted and choose any wheel. The most commonly used strategies in roulette are Martingale and Labouchere. So, both are negative progression strategies. In Martingale, if a win occurs, it is fixed. If the loss takes place the next bet is made on the same squire and doubled. Doubling continues until the loss is recovered and the win is fixed. In Labouchere it is the same but the player waits for the sequence of numbers or changes to occur. In Gold casino there are eight wheels available, so eight different sequences can be observed at the same time:

  • Decide how many turns there will be in the sequence after which the bet is made;
  • Let’s assume there will be five turns for chances;
  • Wait for sequences like RRRRR, BBBBB or RBRBR (the letters represent colors) to occur;
  • Wait for the most desired sequence;
  • Then bet on the opposite assuming that the sequence will not be continued any longer;
  • Start doubling afterwards;
  • Assuming that the player is prepared to double for another five turns, there will be 10 turns in total to win.

The good thing about Gold casino is that there are eight wheels, which means there are eight different scenarios to observe in multi wheel roulette free. So, the chances of winning are increased dramatically as well as players can bet on several wheels at the same time and never miss their opportunity.

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